April 10th, 2004


Well, i'm back from the Hovind lecture. It's been a crazy long day today, from start to finish: up till 8 am this morning working on the science flyer, a nap until noon, then off to the NCSE to do a little research on isochron dating, then a drive into the city to gather notes on Hovind's afternoon presentation, back to Berkeley to meet MM to edit the flyer, off to Kinko's with MM and LQ to print copies, back to VLSB to hand out flyers, off to Zellerbach for a tech run of the dance piece, back to VLSB for Hovind Q&A, a nice little respite at Au Coquelet, and finally home.

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DG, KS, NH, NP, and CT also came. It was great to have their support. (If you were there and remember interesting moments or good Q&A exchanges that happened, feel free to add to the story.)
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