February 20th, 2004

At CodeCon.

I'm at CodeCon in San Francisco at the moment. I got to introduce Tyler and Sue and Kragen to each other, which i'm happy about, and i'm glad to see Bryce and Robyn and various other cool people here.

I saw the sweetest thing in front of a flower shop while walking back from lunch today:

I stopped in and talked to the owner of the shop. He was completely enthusiastic about continuing his support for Dean.

My two-handed tablet paper got accepted to CHI! Now i can point at it so you can read the paper and watch the movie. That means a little flurry of work coming up for me, since i'll want to polish it a bit in time for the final submission deadline this week.

I just got off the phone in a conference call with various Dean folks. We're talking about how to organize and keep the movement together — there are lots of ideas for continuing projects. But i'm most worried about the splintering of the Dean movement into dozens of small disconnected groups. I think the most important thing right now is to provide a way for all the different groups and project teams to stay in touch with each other so they can coordinate.