January 13th, 2004


For the past week or so, ever since returning from sbtorpey's wonderful New Year's party, i've been oblivious to the world, toiling day and night, trying to do the work for a conference paper from start to finish in 9 days. The deadline for CHI short papers was today at 5:00 pm. I succeeded in completing the submission, and i'm so relieved and glad about that right now that i'm not really too concerned about whether it gets accepted.

The project involves combining a tablet computer with a touchscreen; the idea has been in my head for a long time, so i had pretty clear thoughts about what i wanted to do.

The insane last-minute schedule is not exactly the sort of thing i want to repeat –
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It's a new record for me. When i did the Peephole thing in three weeks (roughly, one week for implementation, one week for the user study, and one week for the paper and video), i thought that was pretty crazy. That one had a real user study though.

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Anyway... i feel like i've done my big productive thing for the year. (I've been trying to keep up with a rate of one major project per year.) Now i get to slack off. :)

Soon, i'll be in Iowa.
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Grand Theft Auto.

My car is gone. I'm 95% sure i parked it in front of my house. I'm 75% sure i saw it there as i walked to meet rebbyribs for dinner yesterday evening around 6 or 6:30 pm. This may have been related to the break-in last week.

I've checked with the UC and city police departments; neither of them towed it.

Are there any possibilities other than theft that i've forgotten?

Any advice?
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