November 5th, 2003

Eventful week.

I did a number of fun things this past week. I played an enjoyable game of go with KP at a going-away gathering for JH. I get to play go pretty rarely, so it's always nice to have the opportunity.

On Thursday i participated in making a vegetarian sushi dinner that turned out really well. I tend to think of sushi as a light food but we stuffed ourselves because it was so yummy.

Sunday i went home to paint a mural. It's the best way to get your house improvement hours: you get an excuse to paint all over the wall while the HI manager brings you muffins and lemonade. The mural isn't finished, but here's how it looks so far. Four of us worked on it together.

There are lots of murals all over the house. At some future point i'll post pictures of the others too.
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Making the leap.

My iBook G4 arrived yesterday.

I'm finally making the switch to Mac. I've used Linux as my primary operating system for many years now, but i've always had to dual-boot Windows in order to run certain applications. It's an amazing feeling to use a machine without a trace of Windows on it anywhere.

I'm free.
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I was delighted to find a package in my mailbox today. wordwolf is an absolute treasure. He sent me some candy from the UK to cheer me up after my recent misfortunes, with a wonderfully supportive postcard.

The Smarties i recognize, because they're the Canadian type (though i haven't seen the cylindrical packaging in Canada). But this caused me to burst out laughing:

Do you find this as funny as i do, or am i just weird?

In other news, Diebold lawyers have sent a letter to one of the other Berkeley students demanding that he take down the documents he posted online. The rest of us haven't heard anything yet. The EFF is suing Diebold (way to go!) to stop them from threatening us with these abusive lawsuits. Maybe that's giving them second thoughts about going after the rest of us.
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