October 17th, 2003

Good and Bad.

Bad news: my laptop computer is lost. I left it in the computer lab in SIMS yesterday afternoon (while i successfully appealed a parking ticket) and came back about two hours later to find that it was gone. I know it was stupid to leave it there, but it's also kind of hard to believe that a SIMS graduate student would steal a computer.

Good news: I discovered yesterday, thanks to Ben, that i designed the console font for Mac OS X! It's a DOS console font i designed many years ago because i couldn't stand the horribly ugly IBM VGA font. If you want to see it, boot Mac OS X and hold down Command-Option-S during startup. The font you'll see is my work. How exciting! (If the letters A, V, i, and l look a little out of place, that's because they adjusted them a bit. The A in my design had straight slanted sides; i really hate the horseshoe-shaped As or house-shaped As that show up in lots of computer fonts).

For comparison, here is the IBM VGA font they were planning to use before i sent them my font. It's horrific. Serifs appear or are omitted totally at random; the round parts of the b and d have squashed tops; the backslash is huge and chunky; the k and K look like can-can dancers; the A and V are house-shaped; the crossbar on the f is too low; the 5 has uneven colour; the s and S both have a kink in the middle; the 7 is painfully angular; the vertical stroke on the $ is off-center... I could go on. No, really, i could.