August 18th, 2003

Friendster features

Oh no! Karl Rove has no friends. *giggle*

For your edification and amusement, may i also highlight my mad artistic skillz by presenting my magnum opus below, composed during a morning meeting at work?

I don't think there's anything confidential in it, but if you can figure out what's going on, you get 473 points. (Hint: i was a little frustrated at Visual SourceSafe that day...)

I had a great weekend. Somehow i managed to make a lot of progress on VV and still spend humungous amounts of time with farwing on Saturday, which was tremendously enjoyable. I even met her dad -- and he offered to introduce me to Dean Kamen. How cool is that?

Tonight's my last night in town. Twyla and Katie (oops, Kate) and i are going to a fancy dinner in Harvard Square. I hope they let me in with my sneakers!
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