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Thursday, August 14th, 2003

Date:2003-08-14 17:13

So you've probably started hearing the news by now about all the power outages on the east coast. Apparently all the major airports in New York are down, the subways aren't running, and there are outages in Toronto, Detroit, and other cities as well. Boston is among the list of cities affected, but i haven't noticed anything yet. The office is abuzz with chatter about it.

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Date:2003-08-14 23:03
Subject:Won't be long now.
Mood: lethargic

Tomorrow's my last day at IBM. I have the weekend to work on VV and pack up my things, and Tuesday i fly back to California.

Trying to muster the energy to continue work on VV tonight. Clay and Zephyr are waiting for me.

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