Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Wedding, reunion, and a huge terrific party.

...and they were all the same event.

I had a wonderful time this weekend at hukuma and fanlain's wedding. It's about the most fun i've had at a wedding that i can remember — there were so many friends there that i hadn't seen in a long time, and everyone was so excited to see each other. I loved seeing everyone so happy. I also really liked how the wedding had all of these non-traditional touches: a non-white wedding dress (from Firefly!!), Katamari Damacy music for the ceremony (how cool is that?!), fuzzy toys in the wedding photos...

paisleychick posted lots of pictures on Flickr.

The costume that chimerically made for me was a big hit, both reversed and unreversed. fanlain and i are about equally skinny, and for the last dance we repeated the outfit-swapping stunt that we pulled at the party after cypherpunk95's wedding. I think it's becoming a tradition.

On Sunday i got to see barks again, and a bunch of my Shad Valley friends after ages and ages of missing them. So good to see everyone again! We almost got blown off the roof of Bobby's apartment building where we were trying to have a barbecue though. The Shad engineering spirit kicked in and we heaved a big wooden platform upright to serve as a windbreak. We were pretty proud of our little engineering project... until it blew over and nearly squished all of us.
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