Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Good times.

I spent a good chunk of my weekend with theonlyruth, and then dragged her to the NIMBY fire jam with me on Sunday. It was the busiest i've ever seen it — maybe 25 people or so. I got to see mooflyfoof (hooray!) and nicoletbn (hooray!) and i got to watch them both spin fire and do yo-yo tricks (double hooray!). And i met rubin110 who took pictures of everybody and he spun fire too! I see from his journal that he also likes to play Zendo, so he must be cool. He also expressed interest in eating my brain.

Today i went for a walk with rainbowsorbet and she saw a plum tree. The ripe ones were out of reach, just barely within jumping range. So we jumped for plums and they were delicious and got our hands all sticky. I mildly twisted my ankle landing on the curb after going for a cluster of three plums that i couldn't resist, but the soreness of my ankle now just reminds me how good those plums tasted.

Soon i will have shelves. And then my room will become less of a disaster area because the books that are all in piles on the floor will magically arrange themselves on my new shelves. Oh yes they will!
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