Ping (zestyping) wrote,


Yesterday i got on the BART to get from Berkeley to SFO, took a plane from SFO to Toronto, and changed planes to get to Montréal. I figured i was just going to keep to myself (and mostly sleep) for the whole trip, but i ended up meeting people all along the way.

On BART i sat next to an older woman who was a psychologist. She asked where i was travelling and we ended up having an extended conversation about how computers are difficult and frightening to use, and whether they isolate people or bring them together.

On the plane to Toronto i sat next to a high school student from Barrie who paints with acrylics. Next to us was a fellow from Pixar who was also going to CHI.

On the plane to Montréal i met a young French teacher named Candide. As we waited by the baggage carousel she hopped up and down to wave at her mother and boyfriend, who were meeting her at the airport, and her blonde hair flew everywhere.

Montréal is cold and grey and rainy. Lots of interesting people here at CHI, though.
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