Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Voicing morality.

A couple of friends recently wrote entries about the morality of their (and other people's) lifestyle choices, and about how one communicates this information to others. Reading these started me thinking about two questions:
  1. Why is there so much guilt surrounding the concept of making moral judgements? There seems to be such a rush to deny that one is making moral judgements, and yet that just seems like self-deception to me. Of course we all make moral judgements (of ourselves and of others) — we're human, we're moral beings. Being able to make moral judgements is good. (And a related question: does the belief that it's immoral to transmit morals to other people make a moral system inconsistent with itself?)

  2. Why is the morality of a lifestyle choice automatically trumped by health concerns, but not trumped by happiness concerns? Does this have something to do with a culture that devalues pleasure?
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