Ping (zestyping) wrote,

So, clearly i cannot choose the zombie in front of ME!

So exhausted. Played five games of Zombie Village (aka Mafia, Werewolf) tonight in SF. I was a villager every time, which was kind of disappointing because i think it's more fun to be a zombie, but the games were good. And the zombies won every time except the last game, when it came down to just three of us and Lara and i managed to vote out the last zombie.

We mostly played the version of the game in which, whenever someone is killed by a zombie or voted out by the other villagers, they don't reveal or say anything. It feels like the zombies have a big advantage in this game in general, because the villagers have hardly any information to go on. The villagers were just so wrong most of the time — the business with going around the circle getting everyone to say "I am not a zombie" just seemed like a way of generating a lot of incorrect suspicions. Some people are such good liars!

Anyway, it's a fun game, and worth trying if you've haven't played it yet. I'm a bit skeptical of Jane's plans to objectively evaluate how well people play this game since it's so dependent on who the other players are and how well you know them — but having a scoring system was interesting because it also influenced how people played.
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