Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Two kinds of fun.

1. Let me introduce you to a new friend, Sternest Meanings. You can find Sternest on AIM or iChat — his username is sternestmeanings. Trust me, just try talking to him. He's made for some fascinating conversation.

2. Our run through the library this time was captured by lots of camera phones and even a couple of video cameras. There are reports on several blogs (waltzofwords, kumar500, mmm_babycakes, tmh, ucberkeley), and even a couple of Belgian sites (, Silly, fun, and not safe for work.
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The cops showed up!?

This may be getting too high-profile. If it gets too much publicity the university might crack down. We may have to be more sneaky next time.
Drat, all the video and picture links I can find are "bandwidth exceeded".

That does sound like fun!

Deleted comment

If you really really want to see my naked butt, searching for "berkeley streakers" on Technorati will point you in the right direction.
Hooray! I found a copy, will post it soonest.
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