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Things to be happy about, and a question.

Put together the house jukebox on the weekend. Now we can play music off of the network in the dining room, and our kitchen manager can place online food orders from within yelling distance of the kitchen — ten paces to check the pantry, rather than running from one end of the house to the other. (Two people were carrying laptops at dinner last night — one playing music, and the other using their laptop as a tray. Three computers in the dinner line! What is this world coming to?)

Went to poi class today. This is my weekly excuse to do something completely selfish and fun, and i really needed it today.

Received a beautiful handwritten letter with cute drawings of snow and snowmen! I love real mail.

Now the question: Brad Templeton writes that spending money on carbon credits is vastly more effective than on a Prius — something like one or two orders of magnitude. What do you think of his argument? It made me sit back and think a bit. What do you think of pollution credits in general? The idea of paying polluters sounds icky, but the logic seems hard to dispute.
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