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Vectors and matrices, oh my!

The hallways of Zellerbach are filled with enormous cases for double-basses, big wooden chests spraypainted in Cyrillic, and elegant, muscular men and women speaking Russian, often found smoking just outside the stage entrance. The Kirov ballet is here.

Stuffed mushrooms and spicy tofu stir-fry on rice for dinner. Yumm!

In computer graphics class we're teaching transformations and projections. I'm in charge of preparing the programming assignments, and today i gave out an assignment asking them to implement things like rotation around an arbitrary axis and perspective projection. I thought it would be nice to help them visualize what their programs were doing, so i wrote a little interactive program. I got a little carried away, but i'm pretty happy with it (especially the way the image is greyed out if it falls outside the picture plane: i was excited when i got the GL clipping planes to work on the first try).

The article about NGSCB came out in the Daily Cal today. It's about as good as one could expect, i think.

I have a lot of stuff to do tonight, but my spirits are pretty good. My plan is to finish the autograder for this assignment, and then do some programming for DeanMall.
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