Ping (zestyping) wrote,

A good weekend.

I had a great weekend: a lot of good food and good times with good people. Dinner on Friday with Aaron, something like 11 hours of sleep (aahhh finally) that night, a friend date with Kate on Saturday filled with extended conversation on sexual identity and the benefits and challenges of polyamory, Cheeseboard pizza for lunch, an afternoon of decorating and cooking followed by Food Orgy that night, Thai brunch the next morning with my Kingman buddies, a trip to Urban Ore (yes! we have plates!), precinct-walking with some high school students in the afternoon, an hour at a phone bank, a yummy dinner at home, a visit to Loth to help clean up and drop in on some lovely people, and a pile on the couch in the hallway massaging housemates while talking about haircuts, abortion, awful pick-up lines, dancers... i don't remember the rest.

Someone told me i was beautiful, and it's been a long time since anyone has said that.
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