Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Special election results.

I'm extremely relieved that Proposition 73 failed. The margin was startlingly small, though — only a 5% lead of No over Yes. The state map has its own story to tell:

All of the other California propositions failed as well, including the redistricting proposition, which is one i would have considered supporting if i could vote here.

San Francisco passed Proposition I ("College Not Combat"), which opposes military recruitment in public schools, by 60% to 40%. San Francisco also passed Proposition H, a ban on handguns, by 58% to 42%. The handgun ban was a surprise to me, as i hadn't been following that issue at all; surfing around today i came across a FAQ by Declan McCullagh and a link to the Pink Pistols, who offer an interesting perspective on the issue. What do you think?

Voters defeated all eight Republican school board members who supported "intelligent design" in Pennsylvania, which is cause for hope. Meanwhile, the mostly Republican Kansas School Board voted 6 to 4 for curriculum standards requiring teachers to teach doubts about evolution. I've been looking for the text of the resolution or standard they passed, but can't find it online. In any case, i think it's time to insist that they teach all sides of this debate!

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