Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Collaboration patterns and Recovery 2.0.

I attended my first Planetwork meeting tonight, thanks to a gracious invitation from Eugene Kim. We had a great discussion about how people collaborate and how to make collaboration work better. Seems like it's pretty easy for just about anyone to think of horrible experiences they've had collaborating, but it takes some thought to come up with a good experience. And when put on the spot to describe their best collaboration, six of us (including me) talked about throwing a party. Hardly anyone talked about work.

Eugene is gathering a collection of design patterns for improving collaboration. I think it's a brilliant idea. Some of the ones we mentioned in the discussion were:
  • Shared Display
  • Permission to Participate
  • Spotlight on Others
  • Food!
It was good to see Kieran Lal and finally get to talk to him in person about what we'd been through together on the Katrina People Finder effort.

Looks like i'll be going to Recovery 2.0 on Thursday. It should be interesting.

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