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Microsoft is destroying your freedom.

Well, it's a relief to know that at least i'm not the only flake. Someone from the Daily Cal was supposed to call and interview me today about Microsoft and computer security, but they forgot or something.

Further to my comment about campaigning against Microsoft: at the Accelerating Change Conference, i handed out flyers about the severe dangers posed by Microsoft's security plans. I handed out simiar flyers at a recent Microsoft recruiting event held in Soda Hall entitled "Microsoft Uncensored" (the event posters proclaimed, "Ask us your toughest questions!"). This made the organizers pretty unhappy with me; while i was out of the room retrieving my jacket, they started collecting the flyers from everyone and throwing them away. I returned to discover this, remarked that this seemed an inappropriate procedure for an "uncensored" event, and started giving out more flyers to the students who were getting curious by this point and coming directly to me to get them. This caused some uproar. Of course, when the Microsoft representatives did their Q&A session, they collected questions on cue cards and selected the questions they wanted to answer.

I think it's time to turn up the heat. Microsoft is a threat to liberty and national security. Period. Other people are starting to come out and say this. This is good.

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