Ping (zestyping) wrote,


On Tuesday, word got round that Jen (our kitchen manager) was arriving back in town that evening. I got sleepy around dinnertime and took a nap. I awoke an hour or two later to Mary knocking on my door. The conversation went something like this:
Ping (groggily): Wha... Huh?

Mary: Ping, do you have any vanilla extract?

Ping: Uh, yeah... hey, what time is it? Has anyone gone to pick up Jen?

Mary: JEN IS COMING TONIGHT?! Omigod that is SO HUGE. Aaaaaa! Should I wear pants?!

So i helped Mary make banana bread and Jen came home and we ate it and talked about her trip and had a great time.

*        *        *

After a long and frustrating day at work yesterday, i came home and took refuge in my room. I was about to curl up for a nap when Jen and Mary knocked and came in and asked if i wanted to join them on a visit to the student garden. I told them i didn't feel like moving.

We hung out and talked and made a pact to sit on floors more often. Half an hour later, i was walking down the street with them to the garden. We hunted for hidden zucchini and debated the likability of fennel and admired the enormous tall sunflowers overlooking the garden. We plucked tiny fresh tomatoes and ate them and they were so good. Then we came back and made dinner.

Robert showed up later in the evening and Mary was THRILLED to see him. We spent an hour or so in my room playing and singing some of our favourite Ben Folds tunes.

*        *        *

This morning i got up and showered and got dressed and reached for the door thinking hungrily about breakfast. I opened my door and there were Jen and Mary standing there in the hallway with stunned looks, arms raised to knock on my door.

We collected Robert and Ryan and Eva and embarked on a visit to the Asian Art Museum, then headed over to lunch at Café Gratitude. Yum!

Throughout the day Mary was wondering about the pants she had ordered. In the middle of lunch she suddenly turned to us and asked, "Do you think they deliver pants on a Saturday?"

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