Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Only in Berkeley.

Today on Hearst i saw the strangest thing: a guy coasting down the hill in his car, but with both hands off of the steering wheel. At first it looked like he was brushing his hair. Then as he got closer, i could see that he actually had a cat with him, and it was resting on his head, and he was holding the cat with one hand and brushing its fur with the other.

On Saturday my house threw its legendary annual Living Love party. It was wonderful and wacky and lots of fun. But i can't reveal any other details because i'm sworn to secrecy. :)

An old friend has gotten in touch and wants to hang out with me. She seems to have changed a lot. It always feels nice when someone wants to make the effort, and in this case it's especially reassuring because i was afraid we had parted on bad terms.

Someone i consider a bit of a celebrity in the computer security world mentioned recently that he's doing his thesis on the topic of security and usability. A lot of his thinking seemed very similar to what i wrote in paper for ICICS 2002, so i pointed him at that. He seems to like it. I'm excited that someone of his reputation is interested in standing up for some of these ideas. It's been hard trying to get acceptance for my position on security and usability, as some of you know.

My ten-year high school reunion is coming up this weekend. It's going to be interesting to find out what everyone has been up to for all these years. It'll be a bit weird because none of the people i've actually kept in touch with will be there, so everyone will be a bit of a stranger. But i'm curious enough to go.
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