Ping (zestyping) wrote,

You are a sacrifice article that i cut up rough now.

These translated Star Wars subtitles are pretty hilarious.

On Friday some friends and i enjoyed watching darcydodo perform in a production of The Gondoliers, a fun and silly Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. That would make the second of two shows i've gone to see on Friday nights; the previous week it was The Grand Inquisitor at the Berkeley City Club.

Saturday i entered the BANG 11 puzzle hunt with team Get on a Raft With Taft. Here we are milling around for the pre-game puzzle, which involved trading letters with other teams and trying to make a decent Scrabble word.

Here are a whole bunch of teams wandering around a park trying to solve a puzzle where we were given some images of leaf shapes to decode.

Here's Get on a Raft With Taft solving a set of algebraic equations involving pizza toppings. Let's see... cancel the green peppers, carry the olives, substitute for the pepperoni...

And this is my favourite puzzle of the hunt. We got a pile of Lego pieces with various markings on them and had to figure out how to put them together.

Coolest. Puzzle. EvAR.
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