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Cults that destroy kids

I updated my LJ profile to include "cryonics" as one of my interests, and then clicked on it to see who else had listed it also (a great feature of both LJ and Friendster — must steal it for VV). davekrieger came up; i was amused to see him here (but then the experience of discovering an acquaintance on LJ or Friendster is getting uncannily common these days). So i hopped on over to his journal and it took me to one of the most shocking and upsetting articles i've read in recent memory. It's not fiction. This place is real. I mean, i know the war in Iraq is a worse thing than this, but reading about it really makes me want to go to Jamaica with a crack rescue team and blow the place apart.

There is plenty more disturbing material at the parent organization's website and in their monthly propaganda magazine. But brace yourself.
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