Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Beautiful maps.

When i first visited Paris with my parents in 1993, we were given a map of the Métro that showed the stations arranged accoridng to their true geographical locations. Since there were over 200 stations and the unruly streets wind in all directions, the map looked like an unreadable mess to me. Having recently fallen in love with the map of the London Underground, and being young and idealistic, i naturally decided it was necessary to redesign the Métro map using similar principles of simplification while keeping topological consistency. I ended up spending a good chunk of the flight home drawing, erasing, and redrawing the Paris Métro map on a pad of yellow lined paper.

Eventually i was done, and i remember being very satisfied with my pencilled masterpiece. I even had fantasies of sending it to the Paris transit commission in the hope that they would use it.

Then i lost it.

Anyway, it's moot — they have a much better map now.
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