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Dates for Dean?

I told rebbyribs about the progress i was making on VV today. It's starting to come together; i'm in the process of adding some Friendster-like and LJ-like features. After all the talk about posting pictures of yourself and listing people as your friends, she joked that it might turn into a dating site.

Well, this posting on Slashdot clears that issue up nicely:

Btw, just to defend the fact that I'm actually 'registered' to a political party. I liked both McCain and Bill Bradley (who ran against Gore in '2000), but the democratic primary was closer to my dorm room (the republican one was all the way across campus) and I figured there was a better chance of meeting a hot chick at the dem. Primary. Also, a friend of mine knew a guy working on the Bradley campaign so we were invited to the campaign HQ in Des Moines after the vote, which was kind of cool.

In fact, I did meet a really hot chick and she decided to come up to Des Moines with us, which was pretty cool.

It also worked out well, as I fucking hate bush.

I guess we all have our reasons.

You heard it here, folks. Democratic chicks are hot.

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