Ping (zestyping) wrote,

What's next for me.

I did finally make a decision about what to do next with my life. I'm going to be joining in San Francisco. The work they're doing is very exciting — they're taking on some of the really big problems in our world, and i'm thrilled to be joining them. I think two of the biggest factors for me are (a) the huge learning opportunity of working with experts in international health and development, and (b) the openness of the "dot-org" side of the company. Google's culture of intense secrecy was one of the main concerns i had about working for them, and this seems to be much less of an issue at

As i understand it, is not a separate non-profit organization. It's part of Google, and in many ways i will be just another Google engineer. But it does have a distinct mission, and compared to Google as a whole it is relatively young.

I owe my thanks to everyone who had comments and advice to offer as i was pondering this big decision. Having the support of so many wise friends helped a lot. I'm also grateful to many friends who are now at Google, for encouraging me to look into this possibility and for whatever good words they may have put in on my behalf to make this opportunity real.

I can't wait to start playing my small part in efforts to solve some of our biggest problems!
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