Ping (zestyping) wrote,

Crazy technology.

Shades of Macross Plus! Yamaha has announced their Vocaloid technology for synthesizing a singing voice. The sample of their Japanese male lead singer has a remarkably convincing voice. There's also an English female lead singer sample, slightly less convincing, and a demonstration showing how the software can generate backing vocals. Most of the sample recordings are lush with reverb and music; a plain recording of the singer alone is more revealing.

In other news, Applied Digital Solutions has started selling their Verichip, an RFID transceiver designed for implantation into your upper arm. A family in Florida has already ordered them. I must say my confidence in their judgement is diminished by the fact that it was their young son's idea: "Derek isn't the least bit concerned about the VeriChip. After all, he's something of a computer genius, certified as a Microsoft systems engineer at age 12. In fact, it was his idea for the whole family to get 'chipped'."
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